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Trinity House, Nottingham

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Duration12 Weeks
Type of WorkRefurbishment
Contract TypeCommercial


Trinity House, located in Nottingham, is a significant commercial building owned by EON. Completed in October 2012, the building serves various purposes, including office spaces and commercial facilities. However, in early 2023, a comprehensive Fire Strategy review highlighted several non-compliance issues with fire safety regulations within the premises. These findings necessitated urgent remediation efforts to ensure the safety and compliance of the building.

EON is a prominent energy company operating globally, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability. Trinity House serves as one of their key operational centres, accommodating a considerable workforce and hosting critical business functions.

Following the Fire Strategy review, EON commissioned Gelder Group to address the identified fire safety deficiencies within Trinity House. The primary objectives were to rectify issues outlined in the review and bring the building into full compliance with fire regulations. Key tasks included replacement and remediation works for fire doors throughout the premises and installation and re-installation of fire stopping materials above fire compartment areas to enhance containment measures.

The project presented several challenges, including, conducting a thorough assessment of the entire building to identify all fire safety deficiencies accurately. Ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations within Trinity House during the remediation works. Adhering to stringent fire safety regulations and standards to ensure the safety of occupants and compliance with legal requirements and coordinating with various stakeholders, including EON management, building occupants, and regulatory authorities, to streamline the remediation process.

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