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Our People

Attaining peak performance through our commitment to doing the right thing.

Our strength and success is derived from the talents, ideas, and can-do attitude of Our People. We always do the right thing, doing our upmost to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of all Our People.

Our Planet

Creating a sustainable future for the new generation in construction.

Our commitment to a sustainable future makes us proud of the positive environmental changes we make to Our Planet. Our primary focus on safeguarding Our Planet inspires a new generation in construction.

Our Performance

Delivering optimum performance through continuous improvement.

Our passion to learn, innovate, experiment, and implement new ways of working allows us to optimise the use of our valuable resources. Our competitive edge is achieved through our fundamental understanding of Our People, Our Planet and Our Performance.

About the Gelder World Vision

With two successful visions over the last 8 years, you would think creating the third would come naturally to us; it never gets easier.

A clear and compelling Vision is important as it gives us a focus and purpose beyond the day-to-day challenges of operating a business whilst, hopefully inspiring and motivating everyone connected to the company. Having completed Vision 2020, it is now time to introduce and launch our new ‘Gelder World Vision 2025’.

In keeping with previous visions, we formed a team of Gelder ‘Visionaries’ lead by our Operations Director, Louisa Sharpe, and supported by the team at Human Alchemy. It was their task to explore different concepts of what we wanted the company to achieve over the next 3 years, this involved hours of planning and developing of ideas as well as an intensive two-day workshop.

I was blown away to hear the abundance of ideas the visionaries had come up with, it was then the task of our Senior Management Team to condense this into something the company could get behind and drive forward.

I am proud of the efforts, as well as the ‘Can-do’ attitude of everyone involved. This is what the Gelder World Vision is all about:

  • Our People
  • Our Planet
  • Our Performance

These three pillars will underpin our 2025 Vision and define the reason for our company’s existence whilst as always, inspiring a new generation in construction.

So, it’s time for everyone to get involved and make the Gelder World Vision a reality. The team leaders for the Vison are Sarah Bates, Dave Ternent and Jonathan Meadows who will welcome your suggestions and ideas, no matter how imaginative they may be!

We will hold quarterly Vision meetings and will keep you up to date of the latest projects, I will leave you with this artistic impression of what Gelder World could look like.

Steve Gelder MBE - Chief Executive Officer
Steve Gelder MBE - Chief Executive Officer


Gelder World Vision Issue 2

This edition of the Gelder World Vision features:

  • Happy New Year from Steve Gelder
  • Group's order book jumps 60%
  • 290 years of service with staff
  • Building a brighter future for young people

Gelder World Vision Issue 1

This edition of the Gelder World Vision features:

  • Our latest vision
  • Gelder Group carbon reduction
  • Gelder Group secure a place on Pagabo's £1bn refit and refurb framework
  • Nettleton Fields open day
An artistic impression of Gelder World.

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