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Grove Pet Foods

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ClientCranswock PLC
Duration20 Weeks
Type of WorkNew Build


Cranswick PLC is a leading producer of premium pork products and has been in operation for over 50 years. The company has a number of subsidiaries, including Grove Pet Foods, which produces pet food for a range of animals. Recently, the company undertook an extension project for their North Scarle facility, which involved adding a training room, canteen, first aid room, changing room, and toilets with shower facilities.

The main goal of the extension project was to improve the overall functionality of the Grove Pet Foods facility in North Scarle. The addition of the training room would provide a space for employee training and development, while the canteen would offer a comfortable area for staff to take breaks and eat meals. The first aid room would be available for any injuries or medical emergencies that may occur, and the changing room and shower facilities would provide a convenient space for employees who cycle or jog to work.

One of the major challenges of the extension project was the limited space available at the North Scarle facility. The team had to work within the constraints of the existing building and ensure that the extension was designed to fit seamlessly with the existing structure. Another challenge was the need to complete the project while minimizing disruptions to the ongoing operations of the facility. The construction team had to coordinate their work carefully to ensure that noise, dust, and other disturbances were kept to a minimum.

Despite the challenges faced, the extension project was completed successfully and to a high standard. The new facilities have improved the overall functionality of the North Scarle facility and have been well-received by employees. The training room has already been used for a number of employee training sessions, and the canteen has provided a comfortable space for staff to take breaks and eat meals. The first aid room and shower facilities have also been welcomed by employees and have improved the overall working environment.


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