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Phillip James Group, Branston

Project Details

ClientInsurance/ PJG
Duration22 Weeks
Type of WorkRefurbishment
Contract TypeInsurance


In the wake of a devastating fire incident, Philip James Group faced significant damages to its infrastructure. The fire resulted in partial destruction of the factory buildings, with some areas suffering from fire damage while others were affected by smoke damage.

The factory’s roof, comprising non-licensed notifiable asbestos sheets, was deemed unfit for cleaning due to safety concerns. Therefore, the entire roof was scheduled for removal and replacement with Kingspan composite insulated sheet material. The removal process adhered to contractor Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMs), involving dampening the sheets, cutting off metal bolts securing them, and utilizing a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to lift sheets into secure skips, minimising damage and ensuring safe disposal.

Restoration of Unit 1

Phase 1:

  • Demolition of damaged structures.
  • Removal of electrics, internal walls, and ceilings.
  • Modification of external walls to create an entrance.
  • Replacement of roof sheets.
  • Rubbing down and painting of steel trusses.
  • Cleaning and redecorating to address smoke damage.
  • Installation of new electrical systems.

Phase 2:

  • Relocation of the client’s operations to Unit 1.
  • Potential strip-out or protection of electrical systems.
  • Repeat of sheet removal, truss refurbishment, and replacement procedures.
  • Cleaning and repainting of walls and floors.
  • Final handover and relocation of the client’s operations back to Unit 1.

Fire-Damaged Area Restoration (Unit 2):

  • Strip-out of fire-damaged sections, including doors, windows, ceilings, and timber joists.
  • Removal of cork insulation board.
  • Remedial brickwork to repair fire-damaged areas.
  • Inspection and refurbishment of steel trusses, including rubbing down and painting.
  • Installation of new electrical components (lights, sockets, etc.).
  • Replacement of roof and insulation, followed by plastering of internal walls.
  • Blasting and painting of floors and walls.
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the entire unit before handover to the client.


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