Acis Group take handover of 14 new Properties in Sturton by Stow

August 23, 2022  12:44 pm

Gelder Group have successfully completed and handed over 14 new properties to Acis Group. The 2 and 3 bedroomed properties were a mix of semi-detached properties and bungalows and are now available to purchase from Acis as part of the ‘Shared Ownership’ scheme. Click here for more info.

Greg Bacon, Chief Executive at Acis Group, said:

This new development is bringing much-needed affordable housing to the area. We’re delighted to have worked in partnership with Gelder Group to bring a previously disused area of land back to life and support the community to grow.

CEO Steve Gelder commented on the project:

We took the opportunity on this project to really drive our apprentice recruitment and train a range of apprentices to construct the properties. Over 10 apprentices were recruited during its 12 months duration and saw the group recruit Bricklayers, Plasterers, Joiners and a Plumber.

Queensway - New housing in Sturton by Stow

Queensway - New housing in Sturton by Stow

The homes available for rent will be allocated through West Lindsey District Council’s Home Choices system. Those available for shared ownership will be listed on the Help to Buy and Acis Group websites.

To find out how Acis Group supports communities, visit

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