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Gelder Group secures Get Fishing Fund

The Gelder Group lake has now been established for over 10 years and is well stocked with a variety of fish including Carp, Roach, Skimmer Bream and Humble Gudgeon. To encourage the next generation of fishers into the sport Gelder Group have applied for a secured funding from The Angling Trust. The Angling Trust set-up […]

Gelder Group Memorial Charity Fishing Match 2023

Another well attended Memorial Match at the Gelder Fishing Lake, although the forecast and weather wasn’t great, luckily it remained dry. First and second place was a real clash of the Titans with Gary Cox and Dave Wass going head-to-head between pegs 3 and 5, fishing two very different tactics. Dave with his tried and […]

Environmental Park has three new Residents

The environmental park is again alive with life, three beautiful Oxford Sandy and Black pigs joined us 2 weeks ago and are settling in well.The Oxford Sandy and Black is a rare, traditional breed of pig native to Oxfordshire, where they have been in existence for more than 300 years, making them one of the […]

Two young Owls raised in the Gelder Nest Tower

We are very pleased to announce that the Two young Owls raised in the Gelder Nest Tower, here on site are within days of fledging into the big wide world. Licensed Bird Ringer Steve Wain recorded the two Owlets early June 2023. The Gelder Nest Tower continues to create an invaluable and critically important nest/roost […]

Ex-Battery Hen Thriving after some much needed TLC

Ruby (as named by the staff at Gelder Group) was rehomed from the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT). On her arrival she was in a very poor state with most of her feathers missing and not eating or drinking. One of the staff at the Group agreed to take her home to recuperate until she […]

Rare bird spotted in the Environmental Park

Our environmental officer Simon Blaydes spotted a Bittern which flew by him and landed on the reed bed.  The bittern is a thickset heron with all-over bright, pale, buffy-brown plumage covered with dark streaks and bars, it’s one of the rarest breeding birds in the UK and is a Red List species. A secretive bird, […]

Environmental Park Thriving

It really is great to see the wildlife within our Head Office Environmental Park thriving, the footage from last nights camera shows a glimpse of the activity coming and going from our Owl Tower which was built by Apprentices almost 10 years ago. Every year we have managed to create the right environment for owls […]

Ex-Battery Hens Produced over 1000 Eggs

In June Gelder Group adopted 27 chickens from The British Hen Welfare Trust to be rehoused in our bespoke chicken run in the Environmental Park at Head Office. The chickens took to their new life exceptionally well and we have just recorded over 1000 eggs collected from the chickens. Some of the chickens were in […]

Charity Fishing match raises £105 for MIND Charity

The Head office fishing lake has seen so many visitors over the summer and to close the season (for the fair weather fishers) environmental Officer Simon Blaydes organised a charity fishing match for MIND, the mental health charity. The fishers raised £105 for the charity and the winner on the day with a total catch […]

Wild in the Woods planning for Summer Sessions

As we move into the summer, numbers continue to increase at Wild in the Woods. During half term 78 children attended our bee themed sessions over two mornings.  We built bee homes, planted bee friendly wildflowers, made candles from beeswax and cooked sweet treats with honey. There were also opportunities to learn more about bees […]

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