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Lincoln Hospital Pathology Department

Project Details

ClientUnited Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Duration24 weeks
Type of WorkRefurbishment
ArchitectCapital Projects


Gelder Group successfully completed the refurbishment of the Pathology Department at Lincoln Hospital. The project was valued at £134,418.87 and had a duration of 24 weeks. The primary objectives of the project were to create alterations to the offices and bin store for the pre-operation department’s relocation and to modernise the male and female toilets on behalf of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT).

The Gelder Group was responsible for carrying out alterations to the existing offices and bin store within the Pathology Department to accommodate the relocation of the pre-operation department. This involved redesigning the layout and ensuring the new space met the specific needs and requirements of the ULHT. Another crucial aspect of the project was the modernisation of the male and female toilets within the Pathology Department. The Gelder Group was tasked with upgrading the facilities to enhance user experience and meet current health and safety standards.

The Gelder Group successfully delivered the project on time and within the allocated budget. The refurbished Pathology Department now boasts a well-designed pre-operation department with improved office space and bin store, enhancing the overall workflow and efficiency. Moreover, the updated male and female toilets provide a more comfortable and hygienic experience for hospital staff and visitors.

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