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Birmingham Cemetery

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ClientBirmingham Cemetery
Type of WorkRestoration


Gelder Group was contracted to carry out repairs to a stone boundary wall surrounding Birmingham Cemetery that had been damaged due to impact. The wall was part of the perimeter surrounding the cemetery and was located at the front of the premises.

Upon inspection, the Gelder Group found that the impact had caused a section of the wall, including the stone coping, to collapse. The existing metal railings were set into the stone coping, and while there was no apparent damage to the railings, it was unclear whether they could be reset into the new coping once the wall was rebuilt.

To begin the repair process, the Gelder Group first had to remove the existing stone and clear the area. Pedestrian access to the cemetery had to be maintained throughout the duration of the works, so the team put up temporary barriers and signage to guide visitors around the construction site.

Once the area was cleared, the Gelder Group began rebuilding the affected area of the stone boundary wall, including the stone coping. The team sourced matching stones to ensure that the new wall would blend seamlessly with the existing wall. The metal railings were carefully removed and set aside for possible reuse.

During the rebuilding process, the Gelder Group worked closely with the cemetery’s management team to ensure that visitors could access the cemetery safely and that disruption was kept to a minimum. The project was completed on time and within budget, with no incidents or accidents reported.

At the end of the project, the Gelder Group successfully reset the metal railings into the new coping, eliminating the need for replacement. The repaired stone wall now stands as a testament to the Gelder Group’s expertise in stone masonry and their commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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