Gelder Group Celebrate 290 years of Service with Staff

December 5, 2023  9:06 am

This year Gelder Group celebrated 35 years in business and two members of staff who have been with the company since the beginning, Dave Wells and Carl Wilkinson received certificates and awards for reaching their 35 year service. The total years service across the company celebrating a staggering 290 years!

Commenting on the awards Steve Gelder CEO said:

Reaching the 35-year mark is a testament to the dedication of our incredible team and the enduring support of our valued customers. We’ve navigated challenges, embraced opportunities, and evolved with the ever-changing landscape of our industry. Our staff continue to impress me with their ‘Can-do’ attitude and I’m very proud to have been able to give out so many award today.

Another award presented on the day was to Richard Stringer who was given the ‘Team of Champions’ cup for the recent work he carried out on our IT systems, upgrading our servers without any downtime to the company.

The last award was given to Jess Mimms our receptionist who was given the ‘Norman Howie’ Award.  An award given to a member of staff who is cheerful, positive, happy and a delight to have in the office.

Length of Service Awards 2023(1)




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