Gelder Group support SEN League

November 15, 2023  5:49 pm

On Tuesday 14th November, Steve Baldwin took time out from being the Group’s Health & Safety Adviser and was one of four referees supporting the Lincolnshire SEN League. The Lincolnshire SEN League is a semi-competitive football league specifically for schools with SEN status, providing flexible, inclusive opportunities for students who often do not have the same opportunities as their counterparts educated in mainstream schools. Mainstream schools usually have a huge range of football opportunities – PE lessons, lunchtimes, after school clubs, and inter-school cup competitions, just to name a few. For many schools and students attending on Tuesday, the Lincolnshire SEN League is the only football opportunity they are able to access throughout the school year – or even outside of school.

Over 75 students from 7 schools across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 participated in the event at the LNER Stadium 3G on Tuesday, from as far south as Spalding and as far north as Grimsby! Steve was a fantastic referee and officiated to high standard with continuous encouragement, clear instruction and great amount of enthusiasm, which made for a fun but competitive event. Lincolnshire FA and all the schools involved in the Lincolnshire SEN League would like to give their sincere thanks to Steve, and the rest of the referees who contributed to a successful day.

For more information on disability football across Lincolnshire, please get in touch with


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