Gelder Group Peloton completes C2C2C 2024

July 5, 2024  7:36 am

Gelder Group is proud to announce its participation in the annual Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) 2024 cycling event. This year, the company entered a dedicated team of 10 racers who took on the challenging 100-mile journey across Lincolnshire, raising over £500 for the local emergency medical charity, LIVES.

The C2C2C, renowned for its gruelling yet picturesque route, tests the endurance and stamina of cyclists, covering a mix of flatlands, rolling hills, and coastal roads. The event’s objective is not only to promote physical fitness and camaraderie but also to support various local charities through participant fundraising efforts.

This year’s race presented an added challenge, as the return leg was marked by headwinds exceeding 20 mph, significantly increasing the difficulty for all participants. Despite these harsh conditions, Gelder Group’s team demonstrated remarkable resilience and teamwork, completing the ride with determination and a strong sense of community spirit.

“We are incredibly proud of our team’s effort in this year’s C2C2C,” said Steve Gelder, CEO of Gelder Group. “Their commitment to training and their dedication on race day were truly inspiring. Supporting LIVES, an organization that provides critical emergency medical services in our community, made this challenge even more meaningful.”

The C2C2C event, established in 2011, has grown significantly in popularity and scope. Each year, it attracts hundreds of cyclists from across the region, all eager to test their limits and support local causes. The race is known for its demanding course, which begins on the east coast of Lincolnshire, traverses the county to the west coast, and then returns, covering a total distance of approximately 100 miles.

Participants and supporters alike appreciate the unique aspects of the C2C2C, such as the stunning rural landscapes, the camaraderie among riders, and the post-race celebrations that highlight local culture and community spirit. The event is not just a physical challenge but also a celebration of Lincolnshire’s scenic beauty and strong community bonds.

Gelder Group’s involvement in the C2C2C 2024 underscores its commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. By taking part in this event, the company not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among its employees but also contributes to vital local services through charitable fundraising.

C2C2C 2024

C2C2C 2024

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