Specialist Subsidence Team

February 21, 2019  8:38 am
Subsidence damage

Subsidence damage is on the rise.

With rainfall not yet returning to normal levels and coupled with 2018’s record dry summer, the UK has seen a 400% spike in insurance subsidence claims, the biggest surge in subsidence claims since 2013.

Having your major asset affected by subsidence isn’t much fun. It’s expensive and much like most flooding, properties are left with the stigma which leads to higher insurance premiums whilst at the same time making them less desirable to own. And as if this isn’t bad enough, monitoring to identify the underlying causes and the structural repairs can take years, all very very stressful.

Recognising this, Gelder Group’s Insurance Repair and Renovation division has set-up a team to handle these specialist claims. Head of the division, Louisa Sharpe comments:

“We recognise that subsidence claims are very stressful for the property owners so we’ve set up a team of very experienced individuals with the aim of not only supporting the policy holders emotionally, but also ensuring the repairs are specified correctly and delivered by the best tradesmen available using the most up-to-date methods that provide lasting solutions.”

If you would like more information about our specialist Subsidence Team, please get in touch.

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