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Gelder Group’s Xeric Team Providing Covid-19 Thermal Fogging Service

A system more widely used as a deodorising process when reinstating fire and smoke damaged properties, or for sanitising in flood damaged properties for insurance companies, the team at Xeric are now using their equipment to give individuals, organisations and companies piece of mind in the fight against Coronavirus.

Fogging is a process were sanitiser/deodoriser or in this case a biocidal cleaner is heated and sprayed in a fog form. Micro droplets hang in the air for approximately 10 minutes and then cover all areas often missed by conventional cleaning methods and because it’s in a fog form, the mixture is able to permeate even the toughest to reach spots, killing all airborne, surface viruses and bacteria it comes in to contact with. Furthermore, after fogging has taken place, the residual disinfectant, which is invisible to the naked eye, will continue to kill any virus’s it comes in to contact with.

Treatment is non-toxic, odourless and starts at just a few hundred pounds. The technique is very quick to carry out, with properties completely safe to re-occupy after just two hours and with the further benefit of the formula used killing 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses, yeasts & spores; not just Covid 19.

Xeric is a Gelder Group company that operates the UK’s largest fleet of trailer mounted high energy drying equipment for more information visit

For further information, data sheets on the products used, or to book a survey/request quote, please contact the Xeric team:-

Dave Stainton – Xeric Manager

Or contact the main Gelder Group reception



Xeric unveil its new brand

The Xeric fleet with new branded livery.

The Xeric fleet with new branded livery.

Xeric, part of the Gelder Group family of businesses, has unveiled its new brand identity which it will be proudly showcasing on its vehicles, trailers and workwear.

Xeric operates trailer mounted boilers that provide structural heat to dry domestic and commercial properties and eliminate pests.

The rebrand is part of the firm’s wider growth strategy and as well as the new identity, the company has invested in more vans, re-configured the trailers to improve efficiency and provided new workwear for its team.

Dave Stainton, Xeric manager, said:

Myself and the Xeric team are really pleased with our new branding; its modern, fresh and better reflects Xeric as a business.

We are proud of the services we offer and our professional approach and this investment into the Xeric brand and other elements of the business is not just about our corporate identity, but also our values and where the business is going.

Xeric is enjoying a period of development and expansion and our new brand will help us to continue on this upwards trajectory.

For more information about Xeric and their range of services and heat treatments, click here, or get in touch.

Xeric Speak at the Naze Tower Education Day

The Hanoverian tower, more commonly known as the Naze Tower.

The Hanoverian tower, more commonly known as the Naze Tower (photo by Tee Cee)

Dave Stainton (Xeric Manager) and James Pickering (Xeric Team Leader) gave a talk on the drying and climate control works Xeric carried out at the Naze Tower in 2015.

Accompanying Xeric, there were a series of speakers throughout the day representing a varied section of the Building and Restoration Industry, which included Historic England and The National Trust.

Dave Stainton commented:

Overall it was a rewarding and fascinating day, learning about the geology of the area along with historical works carried out at the Naze Tower. There were over 30 people in attendance at the Essex Wildlife Trust Centre, and felt very proud that the Xeric team had played a part in the works to remove the Naze Tower from the ‘At Risk List’ of Historic England.

If you would like more information about Xeric’s involvement with the Naze Tower, please get in touch.

Xeric Congratulated

Keith Brazier on site at the factory.

Keith Brazier on site at the factory.

The Xeric Ltd team are well-known in the industry for providing high-energy drying and pest elimination services, but now they can add a new service to their resume. On a recent job in Preston, their heating equipment was used to rescue valuable materials that would otherwise have been written-off!

The team were tasked with applying heat to an industrial resin tank, which had suffered a loss of power following a recent fire. The tank’s contents had solidified during the break in power, but the team rescued the tank and the resin with their specialised heating equipment, changing the viscosity of the resin and therefor allowing it to be removed.

Following the job, Xeric Technicians, John Dennis and Keith Brazier both received a personal thank you from David Brooks of Davis French Associates. David commented:

I’ve got to say that John presented himself very well in front of the client and H & S Manager today. Unbeknown to most people, there was a guy on site, dressed in overalls and wiring up the heaters, who is actually a Company Director, and he also appreciated John’s ‘Can do’ attitude. From my experience, your team is second to none.

In response to the feedback, David Stainton (Xeric Manager) commented:

We have a fantastic team of highly trained staff. They travel all over the country at a moment’s notice, often assessing jobs as they arrive, so I was delighted to hear we not only solved the issue, but that our staff were recognised for their professional attitude.

For more information about Xeric and the services they provide, please visit the Xeric website, or get in touch.

Welcome Home!

The Gooch family back in their home.

The Gooch family back in their home.

Restoration of Mr & Mrs Gooch’s home commenced on the 6th January 2016 following the devastation caused in the North of England by Storm Frank. Working closely with Ellis May and Xeric, Gelder Group welcomed the couple back in their home within 7 weeks of commencing work.

Mr Gooch commented:

We are very happy with all the work, everything ran smoothly and to schedule.

Chris Kent, Branch Manager of the Insurance Repair team that undertook the work also commented:

My team are working tirelessly to restore properties. It’s always great to hand them back to homeowners.

If you would like more information about our Insurance division and their work, please get in touch.

Busy Christmas and New Year for Xeric

Flats at Cockermouth, stripped and dried in record time.

Flats at Cockermouth, stripped and dried in record time.

Storm Desmond saw Xeric receive record December instructions, with the team working in Cumbria throughout the festive period. Now, with further flooding, it looks as though they are going to enjoy a very busy first few months of 2016.

Xeric operate the UK’s largest fleet of high energy drying equipment. The speed at which properties are dried out means that owners are back in their properties much quicker. This saves huge sums of money in alternative accommodation and business interruption costs.

For more information about the services provided by Xeric, please get in touch, or visit Xeric’s dedicated website.

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