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Plans to double apprentice intake confirmed

Gelder Group announced plans to double its apprentice intake during the course of the next three years, taking it to 70 apprentices, up from 37.

The announcement was made by the firm during a surprise visit to Lincoln College’s Construction Careers College campus in Gainsborough, accompanied by RBS chief executive Alison Rose who was spending the day with the company.

Natasha Murray with Alison and Steve 3 of 3

Pictured: (Left to right) Steve Gelder – CEO Gelder Group, Natasha Murray – Student and Alison Rose – CEO RBS

The firm, which employs 300 staff, has trained 300 apprentices since its formation as a two-man building outfit in 1988, 37 of those in the last three years alone.

Gelder Group CEO, Steve Gelder, said:

Gelder Group has long been committed to apprentices; the first person ever employed by the company started life as an apprentice and 29 years later he’s still with the company. All of our main board of directors also started life as apprentices including myself, I am a bricklayer by trade.

Gelder Group is a founding member of the Gainsborough Career College, the first of its kind in the UK. It’s a well-known fact to everyone associated with building and construction, that there is a huge skills shortage, so I’d urge other building and construction companies to get involved and provide opportunities for students.

Careers Collage

Pictured: CEO Steve Gelder following his announcement to the students at the Construction Careers College, Gainsborough.

Gelder Group introduces ‘Recommend a Friend’ bonus scheme

'Recommend a Friend' reward scheme.

‘Recommend a Friend’ reward scheme.

The ‘Recommend a Friend’ scheme provides an incentive for all employees to introduce a friend to a career at Gelder Group. Employees can receive £250 for making a successful employee referral.

To be eligible for this referral bonus the employee must introduce someone who is not already known to the Gelder Group for a position that the business is recruiting for. The employee must also be able to demonstrate that they made the introduction, so referrals should be made by emailing their friend’s details, and preferably their CV, to the relevant manager.

Any employee who recommends a friend who is then employed by the Group will receive £250; the first £125 payment is made after 3 months service and the second £125 payment is made upon successful completion of the new employee’s six month probationary period.

  • The scheme is open to every member of staff (this does not include sub – contractors or members of the recruitment team)
  • The Employee who makes the referral must still be employed by the Group in order to qualify for the initial payment and the subsequent payment.
  • The employee must be able to demonstrate that they introduced the new employee to the business.
  • Managers cannot claim a referral bonus if they are responsible for making the hire.
  • The payments are subject to Tax and National Insurance.

See our career pages for details of current vacant positions.

Long service awards celebrates 205 years

Length of Service Awards

Staff with their Length of Service Awards

Presentations to 19 staff for a combined 205 years service took place on Thursday 28th September 2017.

All staff are recognised for milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 years service, although as the company enters its 30th year of business the 30 year milestone will soon also be recognised.

On the presentation CEO Steve Gelder commented:

It is always a very humbling experience for me to make awards. We are blessed with an abundance of talented people at Gelder Group that I am extremely lucky to be able to call friends and colleagues.

If you’re interested in starting a career with the Gelder Group, check out our careers page!

Apprentices move up a gear!

Apprentice New Vehicles

(Left to right) Branch Manager Chris Kent with Apprentice Tom Potter, Head of IRR Louisa Sharpe, and Apprentice Dylan Carter with Fleet Manager Dave Leak.

Gelder Group apprentices, Thomas Potter and Dylan Carter have been given their own brand-new vehicles as they enter into their 2nd year of studying to become Insurance Surveyors.

On the handover Head of Insurance, Louisa Sharpe commented:

Tom and Dylan are working extremely hard to achieve their apprenticeships and providing these vehicles is a statement of our commitment to invest in their future.

If you would like more information about apprenticeships within the Gelder Group, visit our dedicated Apprenticeships page, or get in touch.

Gelder Group get behind New Construction Careers College in Gainsborough

Steve Gelder presenting high visibility jackets and hard hats to the students.

Steve Gelder presenting high visibility jackets and hard hats to the students.

Inline with the Gelder Group’s 20 by 17 Vision for training, the company has been the driver behind seeing the UK’s first ever Construction Career College open in Gainsborough – a partnership with Lincoln College Gainsborough Campus.

The Gelder Group were also delighted to assist the students to get ready for work by donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of hard hats and high visibility jackets, presented to the students by Group CEO, Steve Gelder.

On the College Steve Gelder commented:

According to the Government Farmer Review, published 17th October, the UK faces a 20 – 25% reduction in the available construction workforce in the next decade, something the UK has never faced before.

I’d urge other construction companies to get involved with the College. I’d also urge other Gainsborough kids to give a career in construction consideration, I started out laying bricks, it’s a great career and I have absolutely no regrets choosing it.

If you would like to know more about the Construction Career College, please get in touch.

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