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ARC Partnership on Behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council

Project Details

ClientARC Partnership
Duration5 years
Type of WorkRefurbishment
Contract TypeReactive


Arc Partnership is a joint venture between Nottinghamshire County Council and Scape Group. The partnership provides services in the design, construction, and maintenance of public sector buildings. Their services are available to Nottinghamshire County Council, its partner organizations, and other public sector organizations.

Arc Partnership was tasked with the refurbishment and restoration of several council properties, as well as reactive maintenance and repairs. The properties included a range of buildings such as council offices, schools, and community centres.

Arc Partnership was responsible for managing and overseeing the refurbishment and restoration work on the council properties. The work involved a range of activities such as replacing roofs, upgrading heating systems, and installing new windows and doors. Arc Partnership worked closely with the council and its partner organizations to ensure that the work was carried out to the highest standards and within budget.

One notable project was the refurbishment of a community centre in a deprived area of the county. The centre was in a poor state of repair and needed significant work to make it fit for purpose. Arc Partnership worked closely with the community to understand their needs and developed a design that met their requirements. The refurbishment work included installing a new kitchen, upgrading the heating system, and replacing the flooring. The centre is now a vibrant hub for the local community and has significantly improved the lives of those who use it.

In addition to the refurbishment and restoration work, Arc Partnership was responsible for providing reactive maintenance and repairs to the council properties. The aim was to ensure that the buildings were safe and fit for purpose at all times.

Arc Partnership established a responsive helpdesk service that was available 24/7. The service allowed council staff and members of the public to report issues such as broken windows, leaking roofs, and faulty heating systems. Arc Partnership responded promptly to all calls and worked tirelessly to ensure that the issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.

One notable example of the reactive maintenance work was the repair of a leaking roof at a local primary school. The leak was causing significant damage to the school building and was disrupting lessons. Arc Partnership responded quickly to the call and sent a team to the school to assess the situation. They identified the problem and carried out the necessary repairs within a few days. The school was able to resume normal operations, and the children were able to continue their education without disruption.

Arc Partnership provided a range of services to Nottinghamshire County Council, including refurbishment and restoration work and reactive maintenance and repairs. The partnership worked closely with the council and its partner organisations to ensure that the work was carried out to the highest standards and within budget. The projects completed by Arc Partnership have significantly improved the lives of the local community and have helped to ensure that council properties are safe and fit for purpose.

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