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Age UK Shop – Barton Upon Humber

Project Details

ClientAge UK
Duration8 Weeks
Type of WorkRefurbishment


This case study showcases the successful renovation of the Age UK Shop in Barton on Humber, completed by Gelder Group. The project aimed to revitalise the shop’s appearance, enhance functionality, and create a more welcoming environment for customers. The renovation encompassed various key areas of the property, including the rear roof, first-floor offices and store, ground floor shop, and sorting area flat roof.

As part of the first phase, Gelder Group carefully executed the renovation of the rear roof. The existing pan tile roof coverings were skilfully stripped, preserving all reusable tiles for cost-efficiency. The removal process also involved disposing of the old battens, felt, and defective roof timbers responsibly. Structural improvements were implemented by expertly installing 2nr steel beams and new roof timbers, followed by essential timber treatment works to ensure long-lasting durability. Gelder Group ensured that the salvaged roof tiles were reinstalled with precision, along with new battens and a breather membrane. To enhance ventilation, 2nr new vent tiles were integrated into the roof design. Additionally, approximately 6m of guttering was renewed as required, facilitating proper water drainage.

The second phase of the project encompassed the renovation of the first floor, comprising offices and a store area. Gelder Group meticulously insulated the ceilings with two layers of 150mm and one layer of 100mm quilt insulation, effectively improving thermal performance. To further enhance energy efficiency, a rigid board insulation soffit was skilfully installed in the proposed store area. Ceilings and sloping soffits were carefully lined with 15mm plasterboard, followed by plastering and decoration with one mist coat and two coats of trade emulsion. The existing floor finishes were responsibly removed, and Gelder Group expertly laid new contract range carpet tiles, ensuring a seamless finish throughout the area, including the staircase and stair nosing.


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