Gelder Group Hosts Specialist Training Event to Navigate Complex Building Contracts

June 25, 2024  4:15 pm

Gelder Group, a leading construction company, recently organised an insightful training event featuring esteemed construction barrister Patrick Taylor. With building projects and contracts becoming increasingly complex, this training aimed to equip attendees with essential knowledge and skills.

Participants gained valuable insights into JCT Contracts, emphasising the importance of scrutinising claims, understanding time limitations, and managing key dates for valuations, variations, and extension requests.

Patrick Taylor, a qualified barrister, mediator, and member of the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, led the session, sharing his extensive expertise with the attendees.

Commenting on the event, Joe Almond, Commercial Manager at Gelder Group, stated:

This was a really insightful and worthy event. It was good to understand the dispute mechanism within contracts, how these are best avoided, and the various methods for dispute resolution.

JCT Training

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