Site Management Safety a Priority

May 28, 2024  10:30 am

Gelder Group is proud to announce that its staff have successfully completed training on the JMAC Decking system. This milestone represents a significant step forward in enhancing efficiency and safety on construction sites.

The JMAC Decking system is renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness. By eliminating the need for scaffolders, the system speeds up work, allowing projects to progress more swiftly and smoothly. Its design offers both a safe working platform and a fall prevention deck, ensuring that our staff can operate in a secure environment.

“We are excited about the benefits the JMAC Decking system will bring to our operations,” said David Ternent, Health & Safety Manager for the Group. “The training completion marks our commitment to improving site safety and operational efficiency. Our team is now equipped to utilise this innovative system to its full potential.”

 J Mac Decking

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