Aegir Specialist Academy Secures Work placement for Pupil

January 15, 2024  2:39 pm

Getting into the field of work can be very daunting for all pupils coming up to school leaving age, but students at Aegir Specialist Academy are actively promoting themselves to local businesses and securing work placements with a hope of securing paid employment in the future.

15 Year old Lewis sent a hand written application to Gelder Group for a work placement within the ‘stores’, and on being invited to an interview the rest of his class also attended to take the opportunity to visit our Environmental Park and were given a guided tour of the park by Simon Blaydes our Environmental Officer.

Lewis has now secured a placement at Gelder Group and is hoping to learn more about construction before deciding what trade he would like to train in.

On the interview Martin Ward, Stores Manager commented:

Lewis is very keen and has the right attitude, we are looking forward to him becoming a member of the team.

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