Gelder Group Transforms Stokes Café: A Revival in Lincoln’s Historic Heart

October 6, 2023  7:38 am

Stokes Café in the heart of Lincoln Town Centre is presently undergoing a significant transformation of its exterior. This 16th-century architectural gem is undergoing a comprehensive makeover, featuring the installation of brand-new rosemary tiles for its roof, a complete facelift for both the front and rear facades, as well as necessary structural repairs and window enhancements.

The cafe’s strategic location within the bustling city centre, alongside the frequently traversed passage known as “The Glory Hole,” presented several challenges during project planning. Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the café and neighbouring businesses while avoiding any disruptions posed a priority.

City of Lincoln Council has made a substantial investment to fund this essential project, which is expected to span six weeks.

Stokes Cafe


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