Gelder Sponsor Lindum Sports Association

August 7, 2023  8:40 am

Gelder Group, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Lindum Sports Association Lincoln. As part of this partnership, Gelder Group will proudly display its banner at the association’s premises for the duration of the next year, supporting the club’s endeavours and community initiatives.

The Lindum Sports Association Lincoln is a prestigious and inclusive sports club that has been a cornerstone of the Lincoln community for many years. Founded with the vision of promoting sports and leisure activities for all ages, the Lindum Sports Association Lincoln provides a diverse selection of sports to cater to varying interests and skill levels. From cricket and hockey to tennis and squash, the club ensures that there is an opportunity for everyone to participate and thrive in the sports they love.

Gelder Group’s decision to sponsor the Lindum Sports Association Lincoln reflects its ongoing dedication to supporting local communities and promoting healthy living through sports.

Lindum Sports Association


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