Vision 2020

At the start of 2017 the Gelder Group launched Vision 2020.

The company retained its principle vision of ‘inspiring a new generation in construction’. Vision 2020 aimed to further strengthen the Groups commitment to its:

  • Employees (the Company to Work for)
  • Partners (Building Strong Communities)
  • Technology (Embracing Smart Technology)
  • Growth (to be Enterprising in our Approach to New Development Opportunities)

A vision is a statement of intent, Vision 2020 was put together by a team of employees and took many hours of hard work, along with a lot of help from Dawn and Paul Barron of Human Alchemy.

This document explains how a set of commitments made back in 2017 have shaped the Gelder Group into the organisation it is today.

Foreword by Steve Gelder

Vision 2020 was put together by a team of 30 employees led by our Financial Director Arran Fullwood, and was guided by Human Alchemy. After 30 years in business it was the first business plan/vision/statement of intent at Gelder Group that I’d not personally been involved in.

Vision 2020, from its outset, for me became somewhat of a challenge. I am a very trusting person, but putting the trust of the Gelder Group’s future, my baby, in the hands of 30 people led by an accountant wasn’t at all easy for me personally but it proved to be the right thing to do.

No sooner had the promotional literature been launched and the paint dried in our ‘Vision Room’, our industry saw the collapse of Carillion, over the next 24 months, local construction giants, Simons and Clugstone’s followed.

The fall of such industry Stallwarts saw the mainstream banks retreat from our industry, Brexit dominated the headlines, we went through two elections with the knock on effect of reduced Government spending, James Flintham, a key member of our team very sadly passed away, which effected a lot of people, me included. We suffered problems on some large contracts and just when it felt like we were making progress, we found ourselves in the middle of a worldwide health pandemic. At times, there was so much negativity around, a sea of problems like I’d never known to deal with, that the only thing I had to hold onto was Vision 2020.

We are now well into 2021, the company is completely restructured, and we operate our own charity, we have secured places on 18 public sector frameworks, our apprenticeship programme goes from strength to strength. Over 100 kids are currently making use of our environmental park every week. Our IT systems are the envy of our competitors; our land bank is over 80 plots and growing and although I can’t find it written down anywhere in the Vision we have 4 pigs and as I write, some chickens and ducklings incubating in head office reception …

The company is in a very good place, we’ve reduced our cost base, cleared our bank loans, and we are profitable and have a strong order book. So I take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all that participated in Vision 2020, to everyone who believes in and delivers the Gelder ‘can do’ attitude day in day out, and to all our customers and partners for all their continued support and friendship.

As you can see from this document, Vision 2020’s outcome has proved to be incredibly successful.

Thank you,

Steve Gelder MBE - Chief Executive Officer

Employees – The company to work for

“Our talented people make us what we are and our friendly and supportive culture encourages them to excel.”

Ambassadors & Mentoring

  • Steve Gelder became an ambassador for the Gainsborough Academy, regularly attending the school to speak to the pupils and teachers
  • Created a mentoring scheme within the Group for all new employees
  • Arran Fullwood became school Governor at Sturton by Stow Primary School
  • Louisa Sharpe became School Governor of Mount Street Academy

Recognition & Celebration

  • Length of Service Awards
  • Creation of James Flintham Award
  • Team of Champions Cup

Developing our People

  • 487 courses undertaken by staff
  • 2 Degree level students
  • 24 NVQ Level III students awarded
  • Safe Partner Scheme - Sub-contractors given free Asbestos Awareness courses
  • Sponsoring of staff for outside interests; Iron Mans, football teams, darts championships, canoeing and fishing competitions

Staff Rewards & Benefits

  • Personalised Birthday card & chocolate
  • Eye Test vouchers
  • Damon’s restaurant discount
  • Happy Wednesday – Monthly free Breakfast
  • In-house garage to maintain personal vehicles

Future Staff Initiatives

  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Annual charity golf event
  • Fitness sessions
  • Bootcamp

Partners – Building Strong Communities

“We champion community initiatives through sharing our knowledge, experience and resources.”

Community Projects

  • Annual Christmas Tree collection (use of vehicle and drivers)
  • BBC Make a Difference Awards 2019
  • Supported 8 local football teams with new kits
  • Assisted family’s to donate belongings to charities – Provided van and driver

Sharing our Knowledge

Our Senior Team have used their skills and experience to advice and support Community Project across Lincolnshire.

  • Marton Academy School
  • Alford Community Church
  • Dunston Bowling Club
  • Scampton Church


  • Annual Charity Golf day
  • Valentines Ball raising £7k for the Brain Tumour Charity
  • Spring Ball raising £20k for family of James Flintham
  • Lincoln Social Responsibility status by City of Lincoln Council
  • The Gelder Charitable Trust established in 2020

Carbon Neutral

In addition to investing in our own environmental park we’ve introduced several recycling programs into the offices:

  • 100% paper recycling
  • 80% waste diverted from landfill
  • Milk bottle lids and stamps donated to charities
  • 100% of all toner & printer ink cartridges recycled

Investment in Young People

  • Recruited and trained over 45 apprentices (over 3 years)
  • Attended 12 Careers fairs
  • Trained 9 work experiences students (Including Linkage Students with disabilities & International student from Holland)
  • Wild in the Woods – Community Project using our environmental Park which see’s around 100 children use our park weekly

Set-up and Operate Our Own Charity

  • A charity that financially supports Lincolnshire building workers that have become incapacitated through illness/accident
  • Four individuals/families have benefitted financially from the charity to date
  • Charity committee made up of 4 volunteers

Technology – Embracing Smart Technology

“Our use of smart technology has revolutionized our customers’ experiences.”

Introduction of iPad & Tablets

Provided all insurance surveyors with iPads loaded with Site Audit Pro (surveying software), benefits included:

  • Reduce the amount of paper waste – Aim to be 100% paperless
  • Introduced Site audit pro – Creates quick reports and detailed annotated drawings for trades
  • Improve the customers experience by increasing scheduling speed
  • Greater communication across roles
  • Ultimately led to more accurate working
  • Improve our customers experience
  • Quicker scheduling and faster schedule return times being achieved

Remote Working

Our current IT setup already had the flexibility to allow our employees to work remotely, however, we never truly realized or unlocked its true potential until the world was hit with the world-wide Covid pandemic, the benefits of remote-working include:

  • Continuity of service provided to all clients despite 90% of employees working from home
  • Remote surveying - using Xactimate (surveying software) allowing ‘Virtual Surveys’ eliminating the need to enter people’s properties
  • Schedules created from video surveys are proving to be just as accurate as those created on a physical visit
  • Allows us to save on fuel, vehicle costs and cut down on travel time, which reduces carbon emissions

Development of Software

A number of bespoke applications have been developed to give the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiencies for data recording and reporting
  • Real-time communication of information
  • Instant access to information
  • More accurate reporting
  • MI with over 40 reports, that gives us the ability to identify delays on our projects in real time

Growth – We are Enterprising in our approach to new development opportunities

“From inception through to completion and beyond we are known for our enterprising developments.”

  • We have appraised 66 different development sites whilst giving consideration to over 1,500 new homes
  • We have appraised sites for over 300,000 sq ft of commercial, retail and industrial buildings
  • We have secured, developed and handed over 49 new build homes
  • We have secured sites, planning permission and are currently working towards the delivery of a further 130 new build homes
  • We are working towards the delivery of over 200,000 sq ft of commercial, retail and industrial buildings
  • Gelder Group are building an enviable reputation as one of the area’s leading developer/ home builders with an uncompromising policy of total commitment to quality, reliability, customer care and value
  • Gelder Living is currently working on residential sites in Saxilby, Nettleton, Kirton Lindsey, Sturton by Stow, Marton and Lincoln
  • Being more ‘enterprising’ with our developments opportunities has meant we’ve achieved all of the above with very little financial investment
  • Gelder Living is now its own brand

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