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Gelder Group welcomes Apprentice joiner from Germany

German Apprentice

Left to Right: Chris Kent (Branch Manager), Nadine Fehmer (German Apprentice), Steve Gelder (CEO).

In partnership with Lincoln College, Gelder Group have taken on their first apprentice from Germany. Nadine Fehmer who is 17 and from Coesfeld, West Germany is in the second year of a joinery apprenticeship and will be spending 3 weeks working at Gelder Group alongside experienced joiners in the field.

The programme which is funded by the Europe Commissions Erasmus+ funding which is for vocational education and Training. The funding enables students and apprentices to gain work experience in another country.

On the experience Nadine said:

From being very little my dream job was to be a joiner, and I am very interested to see if there are any differences in the work over here.

On the partnership Steve Gelder, CEO commented:

I’ve always been a huge advocate of apprenticeships, having been an apprentice myself, so I was very interested to learn of this exchange program Lincoln College have been running, and I’ll be very interested to see what feedback Nadine has for us after her 3 weeks

European Officer at Lincoln College Ann Stanley commented:

Close collaboration with employers in support of the project in both enabling their own apprentices to participate and in receiving apprentices and vocational students from our European partners is so important.

German Apprentice

Nadine on her 1st day at work for Gelder Group.

For further details on the project please contact

Jack secures ‘Bricklaying Student of the Year’

Jack Jarvis

(Left to Right) Steve Gelder – CEO Gelder Group, Jack Jarvis – Apprentice Bricklayer, Mark Locking – Managing Director Lincoln College

Gelder apprentice Jack Jarvis has been awarded Lincoln College’s ‘Bricklaying Student of the Year’ award for his work during the past 12 months.

Jack (18) was one of Lincoln Colleges Gainsborough Construction Career Colleges‘ first students and secured himself a position at Gelder Group in November 2017. Since starting with the Group he’s worked on a wide variety of contracts broadening his horizons and skills and is excelling at his chosen career path.

The Gelder Group (a founder member of the Construction Careers College, which was the first in the UK) have trained over 350 apprentices since it was formed in 1988, and has set itself a target of recruiting a further 70 apprentices during the course of the next 3 years.

Jack receives a certificate of merit and £100 of vouchers for his efforts and comments

I am delighted to receive this award and am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship at Gelder Group.

For further information on Gelder Group and it’s apprentice opportunities visit our dedicated apprenticeships page.

More apprentices to learn their trade at Gelder Group

Pictured: Left to right: Jack Jarvis, Dave Gladwin, Sandis Kupreicik, Steve Gelder, Michelle Guest and Nicola Hall

Pictured: Left to right: Jack Jarvis, Dave Gladwin, Sandis Kupreicik, Steve Gelder, Michelle Guest and Nicola Hall

The Group has appointed two new apprentices from Lincoln College’s Construction Careers College in Gainsborough – the college Gelder Group was a joint founder of and continues to be the main sponsor.

The college, which is the first of its kind in the UK, was set up in 2016 by Lincoln College, Gelder Group and a number of other construction specialists, to help students prepare for a career in construction.

Lincolnshire-based Gelder Group has trained 300 apprentices since its formation as a two-man building outfit in 1988, and 96% of those were offered full time employment at the firm at the end of their apprenticeship.

Jack Jarvis, 17, and Sandis Kupreicik, 23, who are studying bricklaying at the college, today visited the firm to sign a 2 year apprenticeship contract.

Steve Gelder, CEO of Gelder Group, said:

The first person ever employed by Gelder Group started life as an apprentice and now 29 years on he’s still with the firm, which is just one of many who have joined us following an apprenticeship.

There is a massive shortage of workers in the construction industry across the UK and our mission has always been to support the next generation and reduce that gap as much as possible.

I asked students at the Construction Careers College to submit their CVs for this opportunity and it was Jack and Sandis that stood out due to their passion for the industry and eagerness to learn from our team. I’m looking forward to welcoming more apprentices over the coming years and to working with Jack and Sandis, I hope they enjoy their time with us.

Jack and Sandis’ appointments come just three months after the construction firm announced it will double its apprenticeship intake over the next three years.

The two students will spend four days a week onsite with the Gelder Group team and one day studying at college.

Mark Locking, Lincoln College Group managing director for education and training, said:

We are absolutely delighted that Gelder Group is taking on two of our Construction Career College students as apprentices.

Steve Gelder, who started out as a Lincoln College Apprentice, has been the driving force behind our Construction Career College, the first of its kind in the UK. His firm, along with many other local employers, have helped us to create employer-led training that produces highly skilled young people to support the local economy.

We’re really proud of Jack and Sandis and the fact they have secured apprenticeships with such a great local employer and we wish them all the best.

We are currently recruiting for next year’s intake at the Construction Career College. We would urge young people in the Gainsborough area, who are interested in a career in construction, where you can earn up to a £1,000 a week, to apply.

If you are interested to know more about apprenticeships with Gelder Group, please get in touch, or visit our Apprenticeships page.

Plans to double apprentice intake confirmed

Gelder Group announced plans to double its apprentice intake during the course of the next three years, taking it to 70 apprentices, up from 37.

The announcement was made by the firm during a surprise visit to Lincoln College’s Construction Careers College campus in Gainsborough, accompanied by RBS chief executive Alison Rose who was spending the day with the company.

Natasha Murray with Alison and Steve 3 of 3

Pictured: (Left to right) Steve Gelder – CEO Gelder Group, Natasha Murray – Student and Alison Rose – CEO RBS

The firm, which employs 300 staff, has trained 300 apprentices since its formation as a two-man building outfit in 1988, 37 of those in the last three years alone.

Gelder Group CEO, Steve Gelder, said:

Gelder Group has long been committed to apprentices; the first person ever employed by the company started life as an apprentice and 29 years later he’s still with the company. All of our main board of directors also started life as apprentices including myself, I am a bricklayer by trade.

Gelder Group is a founding member of the Gainsborough Career College, the first of its kind in the UK. It’s a well-known fact to everyone associated with building and construction, that there is a huge skills shortage, so I’d urge other building and construction companies to get involved and provide opportunities for students.

Careers Collage

Pictured: CEO Steve Gelder following his announcement to the students at the Construction Careers College, Gainsborough.

Students Visit Multi-Million Pound Development in Gainsborough

Students Visit Lidl

Students visit Lidl

Working in partnership with Lincoln College, Gelder Group helped launch the UK’s first Construction Career College in Gainsborough. Since the launch, we have worked closely with the college in shaping the curriculum, including teaching an Architectural Design class. The latest collaboration project sees the students at the college doing field work at the Gelder Group’s £3.1m Lidl construction site in Gainsborough. Over the next few months, students will visit the site at different junctions of the build in order to see and learn about the different stages of the build process.

If you are interested in a career in construction, please see the Construction Career College website.

Steve Gelder honored with ‘Companion Bearings’ title from Lincoln College

Steve Gelder being awarded the Lincoln College Companionship

Steve Gelder being awarded the Lincoln College Companionship

Lincoln College Companionship is awarded in recognition of significant and meaningful contributions made by former students and close supports who have made a valuable impact on the college’s reputation and development, or built a legacy of lasting enhancement to the education and training of its learners.

Group CEO, Steve Gelder commented:

I feel extremely honoured to have been made a Companion of Lincoln College.

Steve Gelder is an ex-student of the college and the Gelder Group along with several other local construction companies have recently linked up with the college to open the UK’s first Construction Career College, based at its Gainsborough Campus.

Building for the future: UK’s first ever Construction Career College to be created in Lincolnshire

Construction career college is being created in Lincolnshire.

Construction career college is being created in Lincolnshire.

The country’s first ever construction career college is being created in Lincolnshire. The college will be based at the Gainsborough campus of Lincoln College and will help students find a job in the construction industry.

The college will be ready to take its first students in September and will help tackle a nationwide shortage of builders needed to construct the 200,000 homes the Government says need to be built every year.

Students, can specialise in bricklaying, painting and decorating and carpentry and joinery, but will also be receive technical training.

Gary Headland, Lincoln College Group chief executive, said:

We are offering fast-track pathways into lucrative, secure careers that do not lumber our young people with debt. For many students in Lincolnshire, this career college and others like it are the right choice for them.

Steve Gelder, chief executive of Gelder Group, said:

What really excites me is that it is all kicking off in my home town of Gainsborough. It is not often that Gainsborough gets the opportunity to lead the UK at something, so it is a great opportunity for the town, its leaders and its residents to shine – which they will. The construction industry employs around 2.2 million people, which means it needs 44,000 new apprentices/trainees a year just to replace the ones who are retiring. Despite this, less than half that number are actually coming through at present, which is why this construction career college is so important. There is also a housing shortage and the Government wants to ramp up house building from 120,000 units to over 200,000 each year, so the demand for skilled workers is massively outstripping supply. As a result, tradesmen’s wages are rising at three times the national average, which is great for them, but not for the economy as a whole.

Samantha Mellows, Gainsborough Town Manager, said:

We are delighted to hear that Gainsborough will be the location for the new Construction Career College. Through discussions with our members, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce has highlighted the skills gap in the area and it is great to know that action is now being taken to remedy this by providing training for our young people. We are really pleased to see that our member Gelder Group along with others are key sponsors in this initiative, providing real life experience and knowledge for the students to take into the industry.

For full details see the Lincolnshire Echo’s article, or get in touch.

Lincoln College Annual Awards Ceremony

Liam Moody-Reed was credited for his attendance at college and for his outstanding project work.

Liam Moody-Reed was credited for his attendance at college and for his outstanding project work.

As part of our ongoing commitment to training young people and inspiring new talent, the Gelder Group was proud to sponsor the Outstanding Apprentice in Brickwork and Plastering award at Lincoln College’s Annual Awards Ceremony. In recognition of over 50 of their most successful, determined and outstanding students from Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough colleges, the ceremony offered the chance to talk closely with the winners and share a festive evening with many sponsors from other local and national businesses.

This year’s winner of our award was Liam Moody-Reed, credited for his commitment to his attendance at College and for his outstanding project work.

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